2017 Prize Winners

Fourteen travel awards were made to PhD students selected for oral presentation and the top 10 PhD poster abstracts.

Awards for four oral presentations were made:
(i) Isola Brown, Michigan State University, USA for innovative studies on modulating hemichannel activity in the enteric nervous system
(ii) Cherie Brown, York university, Canada for studies on the transport of connexin36 in neuronal cells
(iii) Y-hsin Chiu, University of Virginia, USA for work on the activation of pannexin 1 channels and
(iv) Stephanie Fowler, University of Ottawa, Canada who provided a novel insight for connexin32 in mitochondrial function

A further four poster prizes were awarded, sponsored by Portland Press and the British Pharmacology Society.
The poster prize winners are as follows:
(i) Julia Abitbol, The University of Western Ontario, Canada
Severe loss-of-Connexin 43 function leads to hearing loss in a mutant mouse model of oculodentodigital dysplasia
(ii) Jonathan Boucher, CNRS ERL 7368, France
Pannexin-1 modulates in vitro lymphangiogenesis
(iii) Miranda Good, University of Virginia, United States
Spironolactone can act on Pannexin 1 channels in smooth muscle cells to regulate vasoconstriction and blood pressure
(iv) Tinneke Delvaeye, Ghent University, Belgium
A role for Connexin 43 hemichannels in sepsis-induced renal vascular permeability

Abstract Submission has now closed.

Abstracts were invited under the following categories:

-Cell Growth, Differentiation and Cancer
-Cardiovascular System
-Developmental Biology
-Interacting Proteins and Genetic Regulation
-Mutations in Disease
-Inflammation, Immunity and Wound Repair
-Nervous System
-Channel Structure, Assembly, Degradation, and Permeability
-Translational and Therapeutic Targets
-Other Functions (e.g. in bone, lung, pancreas, eye)